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Integrated waste management facilities supported by technology and certified expert team.

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Managing Waste for a Better Earth

Keeping a long-lasting earth for the next generation is needed a detailed and sustainable waste management efforts. Nathabumi provides sustainable waste management solutions for industrial and city government.


Challenge & Contribution

Waste is a huge problem for the community, which is why it needs a new approach to handle. Nathabumi offers a sustainable solution which is called co-processing to manage waste with more responsibilities and environment friendly. Thus, you can minimize the loss risk while maximizing your profit for your business and the community in general.

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Co-Processing, Our Method

Waste as an Alternative Energy Source

We manage waste using co-processing method. Waste is used as a component in industrial process, by using available facilities to produce cement.

Co-processing annihilates waste even the dangerous waste. In this way, we also eradicate the risk of waste being taken or re-sold or environment contamination.

Not only re-use and re-cycle, co-processing is also the most environment friendly way to manage waste. This method leaves no residue, and the waste is made as energy source and beneficial materials. It is not only beneficial for you but also the environment.

Dependency on fossil fuel can be diminished, natural resources are preserved and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.