Advanced Solutions for Industrial Waste Management and Municipal Waste

Industry and Service Company

Each Industry sector produces many kinds of different waste from production process. This waste must be managed by the company as form of responsibility and obedience towards the environment. So that the company can focus on industrial activities and business. Companies trust Nathabumi to conduct their waste managements. Using technology and expertise in the waste field, we are able to handle waste from many sectors of industry. Whatever is your industry- automotive, electronic, customers products, textile, furniture, cosmetic, food production – We give advise a safe and efficient method to change waste into competitive point.

- Fast Moving Consumer Good
- Automotive industry
- Oil, gas and mining sector
- Chemicals and petrochemical
- Textile industry
- Pulp and paper industry
- Plastic industry
– Etc

City Government

Cities face the problem of rising number of trash and limited land.

Nathabumi is available with innovative solutions through co- processing method to reduce municipal waste being dump into the dumpsite (TPS/TPA). Co-processing applied by Nathabumi is able to turn municipal waste into alternative fuel in the form of Refused Derived Fuel.

This method is sustainable solutions for the environment and economic sector. Mainly it creates cleaner environment for the society. At the moment some of the district governments has used Nathabumi solutions to handle waste in their districts.


Agriculture waste management need a thorough and appropriate management because this industry makes many kinds of waste, start from green waste ( result from farming and planting), plastic waste to chemicals from pesticide.

Nathabumi handles agriculture waste management thoroughly and specially as we know every agribusiness is different. It need specific approach to manage the waste, Besides, we also have commitments toward the environment continuity and ensure all regulations are fulfilled.

Waste Management Company

Even among waste management companies need partner, especially partner who has huge management capacity, flexibilities and expertise in waste management.

Nathabumi is the right partner, not only having the expertise and capacity but also facility and technology as well. Some of the waste management company have been our partners, i.e. handling difficult trash component/ cannot be recycle or various waste management.

Through collaboration with Nathabumi, their clients and costumers experience the benefits because their company wastehas been handled safely, meet the regulations and full of responsibilities.