Your Waste, Our Expertise.

Each waste has a profile of risk, regulation, special handling method. After knowing that, we are able to recommend what kind of appropriate waste management and safe for the environment.

Nathabumi owns assets, expertise and certifications in handling various kind of waste

Hazardous Waste Management


Comprehensive solution in B3 waste management covers waste analysis, permit arrangement, listing and waste extermination based on Indonesian environment regulation.

Nathabumi issues certificate of Treatment (COT) to accelerate audit process because all handled waste are identified in all steps.

Guaranteed Waste Extermination


Sometimes a company has to exterminate out of specification or expired products. If those kind of products gets to the irresponsible people, the company will suffer a damage.

Nathabumi offers service in handling and exterminating those kinds of products. You are allowed to watch the handling process of the waste in our facility.

On Site Waste Handling


On site waste handling service for some industrial sectors, such as oil and gas sector, mining, heavy industry and manufacturer.

Nathabumi are able to handle many kinds of waste(solid, liquid, semi solid and gas)which covers services of onsite cleaning, taking hazardous waste from the storage, waste oil, water waste management facility and other service facility.

Waste Consultation Service


When you need a consultation regarding steps in minimizing waste effects caused by your company production process, Nathabumi is ready to help.

Our competent technical experts and experts in waste management will conduct data collection, identification and volume measurement of various waste on your site. This process will cover all through the production chain, starting from materials, and finally we recommend special method for each kind of waste.

Extermination of Ozone Depleting Substances (BPO)


Nathabumi is pioneer in utilization of safe technology for exterminate ozone depleting substances in Southeast Asia.

Nathabumi has reliably cement furnace facility which works with a very high and stable temperature to exterminate ozone depleting substances so that it will not harm the environment.

File and Document Extermination


Together with Nathabumi, files and documents extermination is carried in some easy steps.

Begin with collecting data of each box to transport safely to our facility to be destroyed completely there, Papers, discs, documents and all kind saved files in boxes and big bags will be shredded using huge industry scale machine into small pieces then destroyed in cement furnace.

Transporting Service


Nathabumi has reliably and certified transporting partner. The vehicles being used are specially used for waste transpotation, such as bulk truck, wing box, iso tank, trailer, container, ship and barge.

– Wing box (capacity 42 m3, 32 m3, 12 m3)
– Truck box engkel (capacity 12 m3)
– Dump truck (capacity 20 MT, 5 MT)
– Truck Silo/Bulk (capacity 20 MT)
– Isotank (capacity 20 MT)
– Trailer
– Dry container – 20 feet
– Barge and ship

Waste Analysis Laboratory


Nathabumi has ISO 17025 certified laboratories and trained technician team in waste analysis.

They can provide accurate result and give recommendation in handling waste safely and effectively.

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Becomes Refused Derived Fuel (RDF)


We assist to give sustainable solutions and environment friendly for city government to cope with waste problems, by handling city waste/ Municipal Solid Waste into alternative fuel as Refused Derived Fuel (RDF).

Analysis & Waste Laboratory

Saat ini Laboratorium Limbah AFR semakin berkembang dalam memberikan jasa analisa dengan bertambahnya ruang lingkup sebagai Laboratorium Lingkungan yang terdaftar di Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan (KLHK) dengan nomor registrasi 00209/LPJ/LABLING/-1/LRK/KLHK.

Management of Municipal Solid Waste 

Refused Derived Fuel (RDF) Technology for Municipal Solid Waste Management

In 2045, Indonesian population is predicted to soar to 319 million lives. No doubt that population growth will also create some challenges which have to be overcome. One of the problems to be well calculated is waste and trash management.

Up to now, trash management tend to one method solution of sanitary landfill. This old method needs wide land and high number of investments. Also, this method creates another problem, such as the potential of water contamination. This contamination cause smelly water which definitely will raise rejection from the community and environmental damage.

Maximizing Trash as Coal Alternative

As a good practice, Nathabumi applied co-processing method on cement production to overcome waste and trash problem. Since July 2020, Nathabumi became official facility operator of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) located in Cilacap, Central Java. That facility is one of sustainable development innovations by using municipal waste to be renewable alternative energy source.

RDF merupakan teknologi pengolahan sampah melalui proses pengeringan secara biologi menjadi bahan bakar alternatif. Di Pabrik SBI Cilacap, pemanfaatan sampah tersebut mampu menyubtitusi batu bara pada produksi semen hingga 3 persen pada substitusi energi panas. Fasilitas ini mampu mengolah 120 ton limbah untuk menghasilkan sekitar 60 ton RDF per hari. Jumlah ini berpotensi menggantikan 40 ton batu bara per hari.

Right now, not only in Cilacap but SBI also collaborates with DKI Jakarta government and PT Unilever Indonesia to assist solving waste problem in TPST Bantargebang using Landfill Mining method. This has started since October 2020. In East Java, SBI also has a role in assisting planning of RDF Plant development in Tuban. This is a collaboration among PUPR (General affair and Housing) ministry, Semen Indonesia Group and Tuban District Government.

Collaboration between All Parties

In RDF facility located in Cilacap, Nathabumi acts as official operator, planning and technology test. This facility involves all stakeholders which are General Affair and Housing Ministry, Ministry of environment and Forestry, Denmark Government, Central Java Government and also Cilacap District Government.

Drilling Waste Management Service

Drilling Waste Management Service

Exploration and energy resources production in Indonesia keep growing and need a safe, thorough and environment friendly solution in waste management. We provide drilling waste management service focused on and adjusted to customers’ need. It is also oriented on waste management in oil, gas and mining while applying high standard on safety and security.

We have trained, qualified and more than 5 years experienced personnel in working on the challenging drilling sector. We have been partners for long with various company of oil, gas and mining in regard of their waste, whether offshore or onshore.

Waste Stream:

  • Oil Based Mud/Synthetic Based Mud/ Non Aqueous Base Mud Cutting
  • Water Based Mud Cutting
  • Used WBM
  • Fluid Waste
  • Contaminated Soil
  • General Waste

Our available services are:

• Ensure the system is able to be installed and used offshore and onshore.
• Ensure the usage of qualified, certified and safe tools using the HSE standard of oil and gas company.
• Ensure installed system works properly and do not interfere drilling operation.
• Zero Discharged on drilling site to the safe final treatment.
• Keeping waste in Cutting Skip, Jumbo Bag
• Transporting drilling cuttings, drilling liquid waste, mud and spills, pit cleaning sludge, to the shore base safely with responsibility and according to the environment regulation.

Project References:

• Integrated Waste Management Services
• Drilling Waste Management Services for Oil & Gas Company (offshore & onshore)
• Drilling Waste Management Services for Swamp Area
• Drilling Waste Management Services for Geothermal Company
• Drilling Cutting and Used Mud Disposal Service – Offshore
• Waste Water Treatment Service for Onshore/Offshore Area
• Ex-Situ Dumping
• Tank Cleaning
• Ozone Depleting Subtance Disposal
• General Waste Handling for Oil & Gas, Geothermal Company
• Lab Analysis
• Cutting Skip & ISO Tank Rental Services

Kind of Waste

Responsible Waste Management


• Fly Ash & Bottom ash
• Spent Bleaching Earth
• Sludge IPAL (WWTP Sludge)
• Solder Flux Residues
• Contaminated Hazardous Wastes
• Foundry sand
• Contaminated Packaging
• Used rags
• Oil (and synthetic oil) based drilling mud
• Oil (and synthetic oil) based drilling cutting
• Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
• Used refractory
• ion exchange resin wastes
• EAF (Electric Arc Furnace Dust)
• Used catalysts
• Oil base tank residue & Tar Productiom process
• Dust from air pollution control facilities
• Lime mud
• Unqualified material and products
• Expired and unqualified concentrate
• Blasting process residue
• Sludge oil
• Evaporation destilation process and cleaning activity residue
• Sludge AlCl3
• Carbide residue
• Used Oil Filters and Absorbents
• Expired and unqualified product and materials
• Expired adhesive or residue
• B3 contaminated glass, plastic and wood
• Tar, carbon residue and anode manufacture
• Sludge brine
• Used toner
• Adhesive coating
• Sand from fluifized bed
• ink, Tonner
• Carbon disulfide


• Pelarut bekas, cairan organik dan anorganik bekas cucian (cleaning)
• Waste oil base ink disposed
• Turpentine
• Limbah pengeboran
• Minyak pelumas bekas yang mengandung pelarut
• Emulsi minyak
• Solid slop oil emulsion from oil distillation industry
• Used liquid process degreasing
• Degreasing waste which content solvent
• Pelarut bekas terhalogenisasi (Etil Asetat, Ksilena, Aseton, Sakloheksanon, Toluena, benzene, dsb) dan limbah cair lainnya.


Gas- Freon CFC (R-11, R-12, Halon)

Nathabumi manages many kinds of waste which number keep rising. Some waste which was produced by our clients which we have been handling and not included in the list above.

Contact us if your waste is not included in the list above.