Our Sustainable Commitment

For us, sustainable vision always be part of company DNA. Through Nathabumi Waste Management Division, SBI has a commitment to be part of one who can give solutions to environment problems, for a sustainable future.

First, SBI wants to provide product solution and innovative service to overcome environment problems such as trash, flood, bad quality air, and climate change. Second, SBI has the commitment to manage the environment by utilizing renewable energy source, biodiversity initiatives and water management. Third, SBI wants to be able to add profit for the stakeholders.

Through Nathabumi Division, we help companies to cope with hazardous waste from the surrounding environment and reduce the effects of environtmental damage caused by littering or overcapacity dumpsite.

Our Contribution

We contribute to handle Global Waste Management

Nathabumi approach in waste management helps to overcome global waste problems. Sustainable and responsible waste management which we provide is a contribution in creating cleaner environment and a better place to live in. Alongside with the stakeholders in the society, we work to create future without waste.

Co-processing do not create residue, which is why reduces the need of land for dumpsite. Economic valuable land can be utilized for profitable activities. Without dumpsite, we also reduce hazardous substance in the soil and groundwater reserves. Other benefit is we also help the city government so that they do not need big budget for waste management technology which will make worse the environment condition.