Waste Management Process

Your Waste Management Process Steps

Each waste has a profile of risk, regulation, special handling method. After knowing that, we are able to recommend what kind of appropriate waste management and safe for the environment.


Pre-processing: Preparing stable waste and meets the environment standards.

Not all waste can be directly process in our cement kiln. To be in that step, waste has to be prepared first (pre-processing) This pre-processing needs experts and reliably machine, and Nathabumi is ready to give this service to manage waste. Starting from destroying, parting, homogenization, till waste materials drainage. Up to this, waste material resulting in stable materials and meets the technical specification for cement production and environment standards.


Co-processing: Safer waste management and environment friendly

We handle waste using co processing method. Waste is turned into industrial component process by using available facility to produce cement or energy for other industry which needs much energy. Co-processing destroys waste, including hazardous waste. On this way, we omit the risk of the waste being taken and resell or environmental contamination risk.

Other than reuse and recycle, co-processing is the most environment friendly way. This method leaves no residue and waste become energy source and beneficial materials. It is not only beneficial for you but the environment as well. Dependency on fossil fuel can be diminished, natural resources are preserved and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. As known, cement is major specialization of our company, PT Solusi Bangun Indonesia. So, with our technology and expertise and utilize our major cement industry facility, co- processing becomes best solution to manage waste with full of responsibility and environment friendly.

During the waste management, Nathabumi refers to the waste management hierarchy principal on EU Waste Framework Directive and Basel Convention, UNO traktat which arranges hazardous and toxic waste management properly.



Based on Life-Cycle Assessment, co-processing gives work performance towards excellent environment compare to landfill and incineration.

Co-Processing Superiority

1. Fully destroyed of the waste material through burning in 1200-1400oc for 30 minutes.

2. Preventing the formation of furan dioxins. In temperature of 2200oC dioxins furan will be unraveled.

3. Leave no residues to be processed because in high temperature all of those residues will react and becomes half way qualified cement.

4. Reduce greenhouse gas emission because they are used as substitute of fossil fuel.

5. Preserve unrenewable fossil fuel and natural resources because energy or minerals in waste is reused, so that it can reduce usage of conventional fuel and coals.