About Us

Our commitment to the environment, our commitment to you.

Nathabumi has a commitment to manifest a better earth in the future by offering best service to cope with waste problems.

In order to achieve that, we apply a tight safety standard and environment management.

About Us

Who Your Partner is

As one of business unit of PT Solusi Bangun Indonesia Tbk (SBI), since 2007 Nathabumi has been partner with national and multinational companies in providing sustainable and friendly environment waste management solutions. Supported by experienced professionals in coping with waste from various industries, Nathabumi also offers various services, from analyzing, handling, and transporting waste from customers, mapping and waste consultation to preparing and diminishing waste using co-processing technology. Nathabumi is a strategic partner for industry and cities in order to achieve a better environment, heading to zero waste future.



Being a respected provider of sustainable environment friendly solutions in Indonesia


Prioritizing in safety and obedience in every business process
Giving positive contributions for company and all stakeholders
Giving sustainable environment management solutions for clients

Kami memiliki izin penanganan limbah bahan berbahaya dan beracun (B3), baik dalam bentuk padat, cair ataupun gas. Kami tersertifikasi dalam sistem manajemen mutu ISO 90001, ISO 14000, serta ISO 45001. Sistem pengelolaan limbah dan laboratorium analisa limbah Nathabumi pun memiliki sertifikasi ISO 17025.

As an expert in waste management, Nathabumi conducts waste management process using pre-processing and co-processing methods, which is supported by updated waste management technology.

Facts & Figures

Nathabumi performance overview in handling waste and contribution in manifesting environment continuity

Green Zone

Green Zone is waste management facility which is located in factory area of PT Solusi Bangun Indonesia Tbk. Narogong, West Java. In this 5,3 hectares wide of Factory area, Green Zone manage waste using Co-processing method.

Green Zone has the capacity of 160.000 tons of waste management each year which is processed as alternative fuel.

Green Zone area is divided into 3 zones of waste managements, where there is a certified ISO 17025 waste laboratory along with experts and technicians in waste analysis.

Not only equipped by high technology machines, Green Zone also has high safety features for each operational activity. Starting from safety system to fire precautions, all has the standard of K3 and safety waste management standards.

Why Choose Nathabumi

Here are why Nathabumi is the exact partner for you

Obedience in Regulations

Each waste management, from transporting, collecting to handling is obligated to have permit from the government, Nathabumi has the permit to manage hazardous waste to ozone destroyer in our waste management facility.

Having Own Waste Management Facility

In Narogong, West Java, Nathabumi has the facility named Green Zone. Green Zone capacity each year is 160.000 tons. You can also monitor the work of company waste management.

Waste management can be conducted on site

Nathabumi has the service of handling waste directly on site in some sectors, such as mining, oil and gas or heavy industry. Available services are site cleaning to waste management.

Collaborating with Certified Waste Transporting Service

Waste transporting must have proper standards and license. The vehicles being used must be appropriate with the waste being transported. Nathabumi collaborates with qualified and certified Transporting Company.

Skilled Team based on K3 Standards

Nathabumi employees are provided with trainings, supervising and guiding in some sectors, such as B3, K3, ISO and others, which are given by certified corporate or person.